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Five reasons why you should be interested in a Train the Trainer course

Train the Trainer is an alternative to sourcing in-house or classroom learning, training one person to deliver the course for their organisation. It’s been designed to reduce costs for businesses and reduce time spent away from work, which is great for your company, but what does it mean for you?

Why you should become a training instructor with The Training Initiative

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions one can undertake. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a student just getting it, the knowledge that your hard work has just paid off. At The Training Initiative, we feel that warm glow with every single passing grade, with every student that walks out fully certified.

What you can expect to learn from our first aid courses

It’s clear that you’ll learn first aid skills on a first aid course – the clue is in the name. But there’s so much more that they teach people that goes beyond the curriculum. They don’t just teach people to save a life – they can provide transferable skills that can help regardless of profession.