Five reasons why you should be interested in a Train the Trainer course

It’s understandable that many people who engage in training courses only do so because it’s required for work. There’s nothing worse than being talked at during another droning, boring lecture on “should-do-this” or “shouldn’t-do-this”, especially when you already know more than the person talking.

You’re not alone. You’re one of millions who know they could do better, but you might feel you don’t have a say on how to change things. But have you taken part in a Train the Trainer course?

Train the Trainer (or TtT for short) is an alternative to sourcing in-house or classroom learning, training one person to deliver the course for their organisation. It’s been designed to reduce costs for businesses and reduce time spent away from work, which is great for your company, but what does it mean for you?

Here are our top five reasons for taking part in a TtT course.

  • TtT boosts communication, problem solving and leadership skills

Becoming an effective trainer requires more than just workplace know-how; information that isn’t communicated properly is wasted just as easily as those inane lectures you’re trying to escape from. Similarly, if you’re not able to identify issues within the workplace and don’t have the mettle to inspire confidence in your workmates, you won’t be able to improve the culture of your company.  TtT courses teach you how to convey your message, manage those you work with and solve problems that can arise in an effective manner. 

  • Team-building opportunities

TtT is a great way to develop a rapport with your colleagues. Your workmates are likely to have similar experiences to you when it comes to learning at work, not to mention they are likely to have a similar knowledge base, and they will know just as well as you do where outsourced trainers have a chance to engage or a chance to lose their students. TtT is a great chance to collaborate with your colleagues and discover training options that make a difference to your workplace.

  • Builds knowledge for career growth

Any knowledge gained in addition to what is needed on a day-to-day basis can only be beneficial. Additional training shows a willingness to be better at what you do, and learning new skills sends a positive message to management that you want to do more, and you can do more, in your professional career. 

  • A chance to teach your way – foster company growth rather than allowing others to

Any teaching that is brought in from outside your company runs the risk of not allowing your company’s culture to shine through – it’s hard to give the impression you care when the person who teaches you clearly doesn’t. TtT gives you the chance to take matters into your own hands; a chance to shape the workforce according to your company values, rather than simply meeting compliance needs.

  • Transferable skills

What you learn in our TtT course isn’t just limited to where you are or what you do. While the education and qualifications are geared towards the relevant subject, what we teach you as part of the course can apply elsewhere, whether you decide to change jobs, pursue a whole new line of work or even when you’re not thinking about your career trajectory – learning how to impart your know-how to an audience who “gets it” is a skill that will never be out of vogue.

To learn more about Train the Trainer with The Training Initiative, visit our course page or contact us directly, and we can help you choose a course that’s right for you.

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