COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy Update

The Coronavirus situation is currently developing on a daily basis.

Here is our guidance for how we will handle your booking.

Our terms and conditions does not cover illness. But in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, if a customer or any of their immediate family contracts coronavirus and this is supported by a doctor’s note stating they shouldn’t attend training, we will move the booking to another date.

If a customer is in a high-risk group and they receive advice from a doctor supported by a doctor’s note not to travel to a certain area then we will move the booking to another date.

Training will only be rescheduled to a date within 3 months of original booking date.

Our customer terms and conditions exclude Government or Government agency travel bans “you are prevented from travelling to a booked event due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel” therefore if a customer cannot attend for this reason then a booking will not be rescheduled.

We will not reschedule training where a customer does not attend an event because they are concerned about catching coronavirus or where the event is cancelled.

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